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Hawaii Real Estate Photography Pricing

Make a great first impression with highest quality images pictures deliberately created for successful listings or marketing campaigns. 

Your photographs will make powerful statement with pleasing vivid colors, beautiful ambiance, clean, crisp and luxurious feel, and without distractive color casts.

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Hawaii Real Estate Photography Pricing

Premium Residential Packages

PREMIUM-15  . . .  $180
PREMIUM-20  . . .  $215
PREMIUM-25  . . .  $250
PREMIUM-30  . . .  $285
PREMIUM-35  . . .  $320
PREMIUM-40  . . .  $355

Price per number of delivered photos of one residential property of any type and size including exteriors and amenities. Aerial photos are included wherever possible and practical. 

Most properties require between 15 and 25 photos.

Package is selected and agreed upon prior to the shoot. 

Samples - Complete Sets

Hawaii Aerial Photography

Aerial Photos Only

AERIAL-10  . . .  $160
AERIAL-15  . . .  $195
AERIAL-20  . . .  $230

Aerial photography is included in all residential packages but it can be booked for separate projects.  

Package is selected and agreed upon prior to the shoot. 

Video Walkthrough


1-2 minute video including aerial footage delivered in two branded and non-branded versions.

Commercial Photography

Developers, construction companies, architects, commercial real estate agents, and businesses interested in excellent presentation of commercial real estate contact us for pricing. Rates are between $400 for 2 hours and $1200 for an entire commercial photoshoot day.

Your Questions

When will you deliver the photos?

Most jobs are delivered next day in the morning or the day after. Post-processing time is factored in for each job, and the estimated delivery time is provided at the time of booking.


How big are the pictures?

Final set of files will be rendered in two different resolutions: high-resolution files for high quality prints and printed advertisement, and screen-resolution files that are sized down and re-sharpened for the best visual impact on online listings or social media. The typical high resolution files are 5760 x 3840 pixels and screen-resolution files are 1600 x 1067 pixels.


What you do in case of bad weather?

If the photographed property features beautiful ocean or mountain views, it is always better to reschedule in case of a cloudy day. There is no charge for a reschedule because of weather. We can make a mutual decision in the morning of the shooting day.

If the property doesn’t have views to be showcased, we can proceed with the shoot on a cloudy day. The sky can be replaced in the outdoor photos, however the sky replacement doesn’t provide good naturally looking results for views out of the windows.


Can you do sky swaps?

Yes, sky swaps are included in the package prices. Sky swaps are offered only for pictures of exteriors in cases where the sky at the time of photoshoot is dull. Sky swaps for the views from inside are not offered, they usually result in unnatural looking images. If you are selling or renting a nice property with beautiful ocean views, it is always better to schedule the photoshoot during good weather conditions. There is no charge for reschedules.

Why the packages are called PREMIUM?

Until the end of 2019, two kinds of packages were offered, STANDARD and PREMIUM. The STANDARD package was for budget property listings photographed without additional lighting. The PREMIUM package was developed to provide the high-end and crisp looking images. Multiple ambient layers of High-Dynamic Range (HDR) captures are combined with one or more additional layers of flash lighting. Beginning in January 2020, all the photoshoots are done as PREMIUM only.


How the photos are delivered?

Photos are delivered via a private gallery Zenfolio, which enables file downloads one-by-one or by the entire set at once. Over the time, your jobs will be added to the same gallery and you will have unlimited access to your past photoshoots. Zenfolio comes with a great mobile app called Photo Moments. Some agent use Photo Moments to quickly access and share pictures from previous photoshoots, for example, to discuss styling options with their clients.


How do you schedule photoshoots?

In Hawaii, the best time of the day for the property shoots is during the mid-day when the sun is high and casts minimal hot spots into the interiors. Mid-day lighting also provides the most amount of diffused light which is important for interiors and it is great for outside scenery. 


How do you accept payment?

After the photos are delivered and approved, you will receive an electronic invoice that will be due within 10 days. You can either mail a check to the address on the invoice or pay with a credit card online.

The size and price of each job is agreed on in time of booking or at the beginning of the shoot. 

An Oahu General Excise Tax of 4.712% is added to all prices.

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